Bumble app banned user body shaming


The popular dating app Bumble has officially banned bodily humiliation. Bumble updated the terms and conditions of the app this week to meet this new requirement. According to the official statement from Bumble’s blog on this subject, language that will not be tolerated also includes: “Language that can be considered grossly phobic, ableist, racist, colourist, homophobic or transphobic.”

What is Bumble All About?

Bumble is an Austin-based company founded by Whitney Wolfe-Herd, the co-founder of Tinder, another dating app. Wolfe-Herd is also the CEO of Bumble.

According to a letter from Wolfe-Herd on the Bumble website, she wanted to launch Bumble because, “I saw an issue that I wanted to help solve. It was 2014, but so many smart and wonderful women in my life were still waiting for men to invite them out, take their numbers, or strike up a conversation on a dating app. Despite all the strides women have made in the workplace and in the corridors of power, the gender dynamics of dating and romance still seemed so outdated. I thought, what if I could just flip that on my head? What if women take the first step and send the first message?

The concept behind the dating part of the Bumble app is that only women are allowed to take the first step, or to match. Anyone that a user swipes left on is rejected, but if two users swipe right on top of each other, that is considered a match.

At this point, women have the privileges the first time. If she does not first send a message to the match within 24 hours, the match expires. Users can rematch, but it is up to the user whose turn it was to send a message to choose to rematch, if they did not send the message on time.

Bumble also has a BFF mode, which only shows users of the same gender as you, so the two people who match in this mode can message each other and don’t have to wait for the other person to send. the first message.

There’s also Bumble Bizz, where users can network with other professionals in their field.

What exactly does the ban on shaming the body mean?

Bumble defines bodily shame on their website this way.

“Bodily humiliation is forcing your opinion of a ‘good body’ on others. This could take the form of sending a message to someone criticizing their body or health, or stating in your Bumble bio that a certain body type is unacceptable or undesirable. Body shame includes shame of fat, shame of health, criticism of skin or hair, thin shame, unsolicited opinions, and mockery of someone’s physical characteristics.

Any user who violates this policy by using demeaning language on their Bumble profile or through the Bumble chat app will receive an initial warning. If the same user repeatedly uses demeaning language, they will eventually get banned from Bumble. The company says that all users who wish to report demeaning language used against them can do so in the app by selecting Block & Report, Cancel Match & Report, and Hide & Report.

Bumble also does not tolerate any discriminatory language regarding “race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender expression, [and] gender identity. “

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