Grindr app offers dating and dating options for LGBT men


Students, users weigh the pros and cons of the application

The popular location-based dating app for LGBT men “Grindr” has extended its reach to male college students – especially those who have had no luck with the similar app, “Tinder.”

“There is a variety [of users]: teenagers, geeks, sportsmen, students, of course, gamers, mature men, ”said Johnathon Silva, second year animal science student. “You can talk to people in the LGBT community. It also makes dating easier because there isn’t the “I wonder if they’re gay” factor you need to worry about. “

Similar to the popular dating app Tinder, Grindr uses location services to help users find a possible match nearby. Grindr has grown significantly since its launch in 2009, with more than five million men in nearly 200 countries around the world currently using it.

“Grindr and Tinder are both based on location where you can find people nearby and yet there are some additional parameters that can help you find people elsewhere as well,” the resource said Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual (LGBTQIA) Coordinator of the Joanna Villegas Center office. “Both allow connections and conversations. Tinder allows you to change settings where you can only show women, only men, or both men and women near you. Grindr also has filters based on social and physical characteristics.

There are two versions of the app available for smartphone users: Grindr and Grindr Xtra. According to the app’s website, Grindr Xtra requires the user to pay a monthly subscription to gain access to additional bonuses and “VIP treatment”.

“Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it considering that paying monthly will only give more guys looking to connect,” said Joshua Traser, third-year linguistics major. “If you are looking for true love, you usually won’t find it on these kinds of apps.”

Each Grindr user has their own profile, which includes a photo, display name, title, age, height, weight, body type, ethnicity, relationship status, a brief description of the user, as well as links to social media such as Facebook and Instagram and their “grindr tribes”. Grindr tribes are attributes of gay cliques that a gay man would identify with, like a jock.

“I think having a decent profile will help show the surface of someone, but having too much might make you discover things through conversation,” Traser said.

Not all users include a fully detailed profile, which sometimes makes the need for social interaction even greater.

“Some people or others just don’t have any photos, so they’ll message you and ask for a photo and they’ll say no,” Silva said. “Why would I want to talk to someone if I don’t know what they look like?” “

There are what are called “scenes” to choose from, such as male individuals – or “masc” – looking for other male men. Other commonly used Grindr terms include “fat” (a term for overweight people), “female” (a term for people who generally have a more feminine personality), and “old” (a term used for older men. aged, usually 40 years of age and over.).

“There are standards of beauty and a specific type of masculinity, and performance that is often favored in gay spaces,” Villegas said. “Where women and fat people are outside of what you think is desirable. Womanphobia and big phobia are real issues and there is certainly a larger discussion that needs to go on to break down such hurtful and damaging ideas.

Although classified as a dating app for men, Grindr has received a lot of criticism for serving primarily as a way to hook up rather than finding a partner.

“This is an app primarily for men who have sex with men and self-identified gay men who are looking for other men near their current location,” Villegas said. “From the experiences people have shared with me regarding Grindr, it appears to be primarily a dating site.”

Gerardo Montoya, a third-year biological sciences major, also agrees with Villegas, speaking from his own personal experience with the app.

“Grindr is first and foremost a waste of time, unless you’re looking for a connection,” Montoya said. “This is not the place where you will find love, only guys covet each other by pretending to look for ‘friends’ or ‘dates.’ Although a few friendships have emerged from such a place, they were very fleeting, as sexual attraction was probably the reason a first message was sent.

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