How to change your location on the Tinder app

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Check how to change your location on the Tinder app

Tinder works by pulling your location from your phone’s GPS service. The app will then search for possible matches for you within the search radius you specified, from 1 to 100 miles. So when the perfect match is 160 miles away, you’re out of luck unless you convince Tinder that you’re actually in a different location than your phone is showing. To get more results and matches in other cities on Tinder, we need to change the location of Tinder. In this article, we’ll show you how to spoof your location so that Tinder thinks it’s in a different place than you are.

How to Change Your Location in the Tinder App

  • The Tinder-approved method of changing your location is the premium Tinder Passport feature, but we’ve also included solutions for those who aren’t interested in the idea of ​​paying for Tinder.

Tinder Passport

  • Tinder Passport is a feature of paid Tinder subscriptions that lets you search by city or place a pin on the map to swipe to that location. Although you can only be in one city at a time, you can change your simulated location as many times as you want. If Tinder Passport is all you care about, you’ll save the most money by signing up for Tinder Plus for a year, which breaks down to $1.67 per month. Once you have purchased a subscription, you can change your location in the Tinder app.

How to Change Location on Tinder

  • Click on your profile icon.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click on “Location”.
  • Click “Add New” and select a new location.

Final Words: How to Change Your Location on the Tinder App

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