Owner of Priyanka Chopra’s Bumble app accused of misogyny and sexism


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Jul 10, 2019, 2:02 PM

The US-based dating app Bumble has come under fire because the app’s founding partner allegedly built the parent company on the basis of misogyny, sexism and racism.

Ironically, Bumble has been heavily promoted in India as a “feminist dating app” by Priyanka Chopra (also an investor in Bumble) and CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd, since its launch in December.

Forbes conducted a two-month investigation

Forbes conducted a two-month investigation

In a report titled ‘Exclusive Investigation: Sex, Drugs, Misogyny and Sleaze at Bumble Owner’s HQ, ‘ Forbes exposed the toxic work culture of Bumble’s parent company, Badoo, a dating site founded by Russian billionaire Andrey Andreev, in a two-month investigation.

Andreev has four popular dating apps: Badoo, Bumble, Chappy, and Lumen.

Andreev started Bumble with Wolfe Herd, who also co-founded Tinder, in 2014.

Drug-infused afterparties where “everyone was naked”: report

In the survey, Forbes revealed that in its early days, Badoo was infamous for their “ketamine infused afters” where “everyone was naked and doing coke lines, and they sent these photos through the internal messaging system.”

The report adds that internal tech updates are named after pornstars and that the general office environment is “hostile and discriminatory towards women.”

The former marketing director said to “look pretty”; asked to give massages

Notably, former chief marketing officer Jessica Powell recalled being “told to act nicely for investors and make applicants ‘excited’ to work for Badoo.” He was also “asked to give a massage to a candidate designer”. She said employees were objectified and their concerns were “ignored”

Employees Forced To Watch Coworker Oral Sex Video

Employees Forced To Watch Coworker Oral Sex Video

In addition, the investigation revealed that Alice Bonasio had been fired as the director of communications and public relations of Badoo for not fitting into the “patriarchal” environment.

Bonasio said: “Culture meant that in order for employees to move forward, they had to ‘play the game’. ”

“Playing the game,” the report said, “in one case it meant watching a video of an employee receiving oral sex from a prostitute.”

Andreev complained that “dark faces” made the app “cheap”: report

Andreev complained that

Additionally, Andreev would complain if he saw “too many dark faces” on Badoo. Ironically, Badoo is a dating site focused on Europe and Latin America.

“Andrey always made it clear that white was better,” said a former senior executive Forbes, adding dark faces makes Badoo look “cheap”.

Arriving late for Latino or African employees also meant dealing with comments like “Well, what can you expect? ”

Badoo spokesperson Andreev rejects allegations; Wolfe Herd apologizes

Badoo spokesperson Andreev rejects allegations;  Wolfe Herd apologizes

Meanwhile, Andreev and Badoo’s spokesperson have dismissed all allegations made in the investigation.

In a statement, Wolfe Herd said everyone at Bumble is “mortified”

“I am saddened and disgusted to learn that anyone, regardless of gender, would one day feel marginalized or mistreated in any capacity at their workplace,” she said. excusing.

So far, Chopra has not released a statement.

Badoo to conduct separate internal investigation: Herd

Wolfe Herd also said: “I never received an email copy of these allegations because Forbes suggested. “She added that Badoo is currently conducting a separate investigation into the allegations to” expose the factual inaccuracies that exist in the article. “

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