The bizarre rant of a Bumble app user after a woman asks him where he works


A woman shared the bizarre rant she received from a man she met online that hit her after daring to ask where he worked.

Ashley, who lives in the US, was using the free dating center for women called Bumble when she received a torrent of abuse from her match Connor who accused her of “looking for gold” after asking him. an innocent question.

The conversation resumes normally. After asking Connor how it was going, he responded to Ashley by saying “thank you and yourself?”

Bumble user Ashley was subjected to a torrent of abuse after asking her partner about his work

Ashley then replied, “Pretty slow at work. What are you doing? ‘

Connor seems to get on the defensive then, answering, “Huh?” Is that always the first question from you after you open? ‘

The singleton then responded to explain that she thought it was a natural follow-up question as she had just mentioned her workplace, but Connor doesn’t seem amused.

He wrote: ‘1. I didn’t ask you about work. 2. I don’t see anything good about you snooping around in my career without even getting to know me as a person first 3. You seem to have recklessly referred to work as a front to ask me what I’m doing .

Connor, Ashley's match, launched his verbal attack after mistakenly believing Ashley was a gold digger

Connor, Ashley’s match, launched his verbal attack after mistakenly believing Ashley was a gold digger

Connor continues, “Also because I’m tired of girls like you shamelessly trying to get into my career (and really the kind of money / earning potential I have), I put my work in my profile. I now use it as a verification process to determine who is really shameless and unintelligent here. ‘

Clearly taken aback by Connor’s bizarre accusations, Ashley then tries to calm her match by revealing that she has no interest in his financial situation.

She said, “The crisis you just had is not a way to find me either. A little about me: I’m a pretty ambitious and successful woman. ‘

But that’s no use, Connor wasting no time responding with even more offensive jibes.

Ashley reported the rant to Bumble that has since prevented Connor from using the app

Ashley reported the rant to Bumble that has since prevented Connor from using the app

He continued, ‘I don’t have time for licensed hookers and gold diggers. Calling someone out for their gold-digging efforts isn’t as much a “tantrum” as you want to call it – it’s called keeping it real.

“I’m not a victim or prescribed to this Beyonce neoliberal feminist cancer that plagues society and says a guy can’t give constructive criticism and call a girl on his bulls ***.”

“Go take you $ 40,000 / account manager position and asu diploma somewhere else.” My $ 300,000 job and my finance degree from Notre Dame are useless to you.

After the deluge of abuse she received, Ashley reported the conversation to Bumble who made it clear which side they were on.

The company responded by writing an open letter to Connor on their blog where they were happy to support Ashley.

Sit down, because this concept may blow your mind. Women are working today. It happened over time, as we know, but a large majority of women of our generation have jobs.

‘Ashley was (wait, Connor, because this is where things get really interesting), seeing herself as an equal. It might sound crazy, but people log onto the basic routines of life. You know… the weather, exercise, drink, eat and work.

The company reveals that Connor has now been blocked on the dating app.

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