The “Sex free Tinder” app brings people together for spoons and hugs


The app says it wants to help people you “just want a hug”

Cuddles: New app says it’s bringing people together for a ‘sexless spoon’

A new “sexless” app has been launched to find suitable people for spooning sessions.

While some people are fortunate enough to enjoy an intimate spooning session with their partner, it seems others just can’t find anyone to be their teaser.

This is the conviction of the creators of a new mobile phone app, Cuddlr, which brings together strangers looking for a hug, hug or platonic spoon session.

Dubbed Tinder or Genderless Grindr, the app lets users find people near them “who are ready for a hug … No pressure.”

Cuddlr app: GPS technology connects hug lovers

GPS technology connects cuddle lovers with local matches, and a scoring system helps weed out anyone crossing limits.

Cuddlr creator Charlie Williams said, “It is possible to report someone who cuddles inappropriately, and we encourage newer couples to cuddle in a public place.

“Users can provide information on their hug preferences, such as whether they prefer to be the small or the large spoon. “

Cuddle Lovers: Cuddlr was created for those looking for a hug from a stranger

Users only have 15 minutes to respond to hug requests from other users.

Mr Williams added: “On Cuddlr you get together right away, give a little hug, then go your separate ways. If you want to go out again, you can swap information in the moment – but you already know what kind. of hugs they give. “

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