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Online dating apps have vehemently redefined the way we view modern relationships, not just labels

Tinder, a popular app among millennials, is often stereotypical find partners for dates. So instead of feeling bad about it, he took a call to action to curb his fear of missing out. From then on, he decides to find him a sister on Tinder by updating his bio.

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A man from Mumbai recently used it to correspond with potential sisters to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. He posted on Reddit claiming that he often felt left alone during rakhi occasions.

“I did it for two years in a row and this year I got a response,” her post read. He actually found two sisters to celebrate Raksha Bandhan this year.

Stacks of dating app stories are being shared on social media and people have been watching them over the past few hours. The post reached the Reddit community on a Sunday and created a crunch with over 500 votes and several comments.

Eyes after catch

In the post shared earlier this week, username @NotAKindGuyAnymore expressed “No one to tie me and Rakhi up by offering them stuff.”

It looks like the app certainly didn’t disappoint him as his post on Reddit reads: “This year the three of us are planning to get together and celebrate Raksha Bandhan, exchange gifts and stuff that I’m so excited.”

The unidentified man has yet to confirm whether he lives in Mumbai or is here for work. Yet this interesting approach to life has been all the rage on the internet.

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This strange story of a man finding the perfect match for a sister seeps into a more interesting social media fact. Amid the post-covid era, men and women often flocked to Tinder and Bumble to combat loneliness.

Needless to mention, virtual interactions have opened up an exemplary notion in building connections. We often reach out to people and form relationships that go beyond labels.

Meanwhile, dating apps have vehemently redefined the way we view modern relationships. It means you look at people and try not to put them in a box.

Tinder App Testimonials

With the help of online social media platforms, we have witnessed hilarious memes about personal dating experiences. A study found that over 70% of good sweeps don’t show up in person.

How often do we find people in our common circle saying their dates went wrong? Almost the majority and part of it degenerates into a big company.

Last year, at a school reunion, a friend testified that he had been asked for bizarre references on work integration. He adds that a lady showed interest in him and then refused when she convinced him for “LinkedIn ROIs”.

Recently, in May, a female owner of a fintech platform allegedly offered a job to a marriage at her company. The guy was recommended by his father from a matrimonial website. She then shared her father’s reaction to it.

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Tinder, an app often misinterpreted for its logo, can actually provide several dimensions to camaraderie. Also, people are willing to accept the love they deserve and seek it sometimes. It’s not the first time someone has used the dating app in a creative way other than looking for dates

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Earlier this year, a Twitter post went viral about how a man from Kerela used Bumble to search for apartments in Mumbai. He had such an innovative idea, to avoid brokerage and we understood it.

Knowing how derailed brokerage in tier 1 cities can end all your funds. This man has become an example of how to act intelligently for its solutions.

The tweet featured a screenshot of Bumble’s biography of the man which read, “Not a sapiosexual, looking for an apartment in Mumbai.”

Ernakulam man said to swipe right for whoever was in Mumbai and help him find a place on Western Line. He also informed his potential matches that he doesn’t know Hindi and needs a lead.

“If you are in Mumbai, and ok to help me find a place to rent in western line since I don’t know Hindi,” reads his last tweet.

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